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As word of our little restaurant endeavor got out, we heard, “Congratulations!” which was usually quickly followed by, “What made you guys decide to do that?”  Ummm, let’s see—momentary lapse in judgment, temporary insanity, felt like we had a little too much time on our hands?  No, it wasn’t any of those things.  Evidently, you can take the boy out of the restaurant, but you can’t take the restaurant out of the boy.  That might not be exactly how the saying goes, but it works for this situation.  Jimm spent many of his growing up years in his mom’s restaurant.  When her restaurant closed, he went back to school to embark on a new career.  He graduated with his degree in December 2013, and yet here we are, back at “home” in a restaurant.  It’s in his blood.  He’s fulfilling his destiny!  Yeah, that last bit was a little over the top, but he is very excited to be opening his own restaurant.

While it might not be in Becky’s blood, her chosen career path, or her destiny, her mom and grandmas were great role models in the kitchen, and she learned from some of the best.  She’s no slouch in the kitchen, and in Jimm’s mom’s words, she’s, “getting to be a pretty good cook.”  While she thinks she’s always been a pretty good cook (Jimm and Sam don’t look like they’re starving), it’s still pretty high praise.  

And then there’s Sam.  At this point, he’s not much of a cook, but that may come with time.  He’s just excited for the return of some of his favorites from Grandma Mary’s like Biscuits and Gravy.  Ironically, he’s in 4th grade, just like his dad was when his mom opened her restaurant.  Interesting coincidence, huh?

That’s a little bit of our story.  This restaurant has been a labor of love filled with trials and tribulations.  We have set out on a mission to provide our community and the visitors to this small Central Illinois town with great food and friendly service in a fun, unique atmosphere.  We look forward to giving back to the community in which we were raised and are now raising our son.

Thank you for your patronage and support.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

And as always,Thanks for eating here! Otherwise, we’d both starve.

- The Edingers